The best man's speech

For a wedding photographer, the speeches are amongst the most challenging part of the wedding day to make visually interesting. After all, it's just a bunch of people talking. But within the limited range of possibilities that provides, there are still moments. There’s the laughter and the toast of course. I always try to make sure I get a picture of the toast and try to position myself so that the champagne flute doesn’t obscure his face. But he raised the glass to a position I didn’t expect him to, such that it did obscure his face. So, I quickly adjusted my position just slightly so that the stem of the glass ran between his eyes. It creates a nice symmetry and balance and makes for quite a kooky, fun wedding day photograph.


Vintage/retro style wedding photography

A skills professional wedding photographer creates ‘instant nostalgia’. And for brides, grooms and photographers born in the 70s and early 80, there’s nothing more nostalgic than faded photos with rich yet washed out colours.

I offer clients a wide range of finishes on their images, from black and white to vintage, retro, 70s, Polaroid style images.

vintage-retro-stylised wedding-london.jpg

Quirky wedding photography backdrops

The best wedding photographs are almost always unplanned and spontaneous. This photo was taken literally five minutes before I was due to leave this wedding. I always like to get a parting shot with couples, and as we ventured out of the Round Chapel on Lower Clapton Road, I spotted an a late night laundrette open with it’s door invitingly open. We popped in, and it took just 2-3 minutes to get a few quirky, charming posed photos that are the couple’s favourite shots of the day.


Professional wedding photographers need to be able to capture movement in low light

Professional wedding photographers need to be able to capture movement in low light

The most challenging part of a wedding day for me as a professional wedding photographer is when everyone hits the dancefloor. The combination of it being very dark and the strobing of disco lights makes it very difficult to measure the light and create good, well exposed images.

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