'The Snapper', a London wedding photographer by the name of Harmit Kambo

On your wedding day, literally minutes after you are officially married, the registrar is likely to announce to all your friends and family "we traditionally hand the marriage certificate to the head of the household", before handing it to the bride.* 

My background is in photojournalism and documentary work. And I have a day job working for a human rights NGO. So things like equality and fairness (and registrars refraining from making anachronistic jokes to couples who have just promised to treat each other with respect!) kind of matter to me!

And I reflect these values in my wedding photos. Which means I don’t photograph brides as if they're fairytale princesses or grooms as if they're in one of those cringey monochrome aftershave ads. Throughout the day, I just try to represent couples as equal partners, very much in love, and having a blast with their family and friends.

I try to bring further ethical dimensions to my work too.

You’ve probably learned by now that your wedding is swirling in the vortex of the ‘wedding-industrial complex’, where there’s a ‘reassuringly expensive’ mark-up on everything. That includes lots of mediocre wedding photographers stridently stating on their websites that "wedding photography prices start at £1,795”.

I try to keep my prices as low, fair and transparent as possible. The professional wedding photographers whose work I’d compare mine to charge close to double my fee. You can see lots of transparent information about my prices and packages here.

Something else I do is divert part of my fee to charity. So for full day bookings I reduce my fee by £50 if you give a £25 donation to one of my favourite charities - Bliss, WaterAid, the Trussell Trust or the Disasters Emergency Committee. In any given year, this raises well over £1,000 for charity.

I hold an MA (Distinction) in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography from the London College of Communication. As well as photographing weddings I also still occasionally work with charities to tell stories about social issues.

So, while I know that’s not a standard bio. I hope it gives you a sense of my approach. And hopefully you like the pictures on my website too.

* Interestingly, I’ve never heard a registrar say this after same-sex weddings. Maybe because they don’t know who to offend!

Contact me

Use the contact form above or drop me a line at photo@harmitkambo.com or call me on 07780 994204. I respond to every single email without fail, so if you don't hear from me within 24 hours, it means I haven't received your email, so it might be a good idea to drop me a quick text message.