Booking a wedding photographer is a big decision - you're going to trust that person to create the most important memento of your wedding day. So, even if you don't book me, there's some important questions you should ask all wedding photographers:

  1. 1.How much experience do you have as a wedding photographer?

You don't get second chances to capture the moments on a wedding day, so you need a photographer who is really on the ball.

I've been a wedding photographer for four years, and have worked as a photojournalist and documentary photographer for over 10 years. I have photographed well over 100 weddings.

  1. 2.Can we see more of your photos, not just your best ones?

Wedding photographers will always show their best photographs on their website, but it's easy to take a few great shots. It's important that you can see the overall quality and consistency of a wedding photographer’s work, so ask if they can show you at least a couple of full wedding galleries.

As well as some of my favourite images on this website, you can also see many full sample galleries here, to get a sense of the overall quality of my work.

3. Can you show me reviews or testimonials?

Even if you're happy with the quality of the images, it's important to know whether a wedding photographer's previous clients were happy with the overall service. A wedding photographer is going to be around you and all your guests all day, so it's important to hire someone who has got a reputation for being professional, friendly and easy-going.

I have lots of excellent reviews on my Google Reviews site. My clients have felt that I offer excellent, reasonably priced wedding photography, with a professional yet relaxed and friendly manner.

4. Will you provide the photos to us as high resolution digital files so that we can make our own prints?
Some wedding photographers are stuck in a pre-digital age, where they refuse to give you copies of the high resolution digital files, which means you'll never own your own wedding photographs! And it also means you would have to order prints through them at additional expense.

Even if a wedding photographer says s/he will provide digital files to you, check what size they will be. Some wedding photographers will only provide files suitable for small 6"x4" prints. Ask them if they will provide larger files as part of their package, or whether you'll have to pay more.

Whatever package or price we agree, I provide all the photos to you in high resolution (for print up to 12" x 8") as well as low resolution (optimised to upload to Facebook).

5. Do you use more than one camera, in case one malfunctions on the day?
It's really important that your wedding photographer has at least two cameras on the day. They should both be professional standard cameras. Ask them what cameras they actually use, and Google them. As a rule of thumb, if the camera is worth less than £1,000 it is not a professional standard camera, and it will produce noticeably inferior photographs.

I take three cameras to every wedding. I use the Canon 5D Mark III and a Canon 5D Mark II. Both are very high standard professional full frame digital cameras. I also use a Fujifilm XT-1 mirrorless camera which is great for candid, reportage shots.

6. Are you insured as a wedding photographer?
Professional wedding photographers should have Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance. It’s important for you that your photographer is insured, for example in case of accidents (e.g. if someone at your wedding trips over a tripod and hurts themselves). If your photographer is not insured, in some circumstances it can mean that you are liable for accidents that involve a photographer you have hired.

I have Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance.

  1. 7.What are your payment terms?

Every photographer does this differently, and there's no right or wrong way. Many will expect you to pay the full fee upfront.

While you will pay the majority of the fee prior to the day, if you hire me you will only be expected to pay the final balance once you've seen the photos and are happy with them.

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